Our core philosophy is to build efficient portfolios to capture market returns at the lowest possible cost. In periods of declining prices we use sophisticated hedging strategies that attempt to mitigate risk without liquidating core investments.


We use opportunistic trading, efficient products for core holdings and always look to minimize costs and fees for our clients.

Opportunistic Trading
We are always looking to add value for our clients when we see opportunities for small, well–defined trades that appear due to market imbalances or extreme market sentiment. 

Efficient Products
We are able to use any investment product, whether stock, bond, mutual fund, ETF or option to build our clients’ portfolios. Other than providing the best outcome for our clients, we have no incentives to choose one over another, so we focus on finding the most liquid, low–cost products available. 

Minimize Costs and Fees
When all else is equal, we always choose products with the lowest expense ratios as well as low trading costs. Trading costs come in two forms: commissions and spreads. We consider both of these when choosing what funds we use for our clients.


We use options hedging, optimized model portfolios and diversification to minimize risk.

Options Hedging 
With decades of options trading experience we are able to manage risk using advanced options strategies to provide better risk–adjusted outcomes for our clients. 

Optimized Model Portfolio
We look for the optimal trade–off between risk and returns when building our model portfolios. We use the concepts of modern portfolio theory taking trading costs, taxes, and each client’s risk tolerance into account. 

We consider all asset classes for our clients with a focus on liquid stocks and bonds as they have historically provided the best long–term risk–adjusted returns. Our portfolios take the correlation between various types of stocks and bonds into account to give our clients a well–diversified portfolio.


Our clients have a direct connection to the people who make the investment decisions for their portfolios. Our low client-to-advisor ratio allows us to respond quickly to client questions and market changes.

Direct Connection to Clients
Each of our clients has access to the individuals who make the investment decisions so that they can have their questions answered not by a sales person, but by an investment professional. 

Adapt to the Market Environment
We keep our eyes on the markets as well as the economic, political, and social environment and will adjust how our clients are invested as the current situation changes. We focus on long–term trends and try to filter out the short–term noise but stay vigilant on a daily basis. 

Low Client–to–Advisor Ratio
We have a low client–to–advisor ratio so that we have time for each individual client to deal with their situation carefully and thoughtfully.