Thomas Wynn, CEO

In 2003 Thomas founded Wynn Capital Management with a vision of offering the advanced trading strategies normally reserved for institutions and hedge funds to individual investors—at a fraction of the cost.

Thomas worked on the floor of the Pacific Stock Exchange in San Francisco from 1981 to 1996. Starting as a “runner” Thomas eventually became an equity and options market maker in 1985.

On July 1, 1987 with starting capital of $25,000 Thomas formed his own trading company, Wynn Options. Four months later on Oct 19th Thomas was on the floor of the exchange trading for his own account during “Black Monday” the –23% single day decline that shook global markets. Thomas survived an event that wiped out many professional traders and went on to have a successful nine year career as a floor trader. Thomas bought a seat on the exchange in 1989 and trained and financed other traders.

Thomas is active in the Santa Cruz community and is currently: